Start Saving Today For Christmas 2017

Hopefully, you bank account hasn’t suffered too much this holiday season and your credit cards aren’t maxed out. If you’ve come away whole but battered, now is the best time to start saving for Christmas 2017. And if you’re like most people that have a hard time thinking that far ahead, we’ve discovered help that could put you ahead of the game for many things on your wish list. In fact, this may be the greatest thing since sliced bread for the would-be saver.

SmartyPig is a saving vehicle for the electronic age. Take the premise of creating a financial goal, working toward that goal, and finally reaching it; combine it with getting out of the habit of using credit cards; and Voila! you have a way to develop a new relationship with money — all online with a few clicks of your mouse.

Save for Christmas giving, a vacation, a new computer or whatever with funds regularly taken out of your checking account in an amount satisfactory to reach your goal. In a true Web2.0 environment, you can even have friends and family contribute to your goal. SmartyPig offers one of the highest paying interest rates around on your account balance which is FDIC insured.

Here is what one person has to say about SmartyPig:

“I put my savings in Smarty Pig because it is consistently, month after month, one of the highest interest rate banks for savings accounts. Keep your money FDIC secured. Other banks advertise high interest rates but drop them back down after a few months. Family, friends, and community members can add to you savings goal too, which is great for anyone doing fundraisers, etc.”

Discover how SmartyPig works and sign up today. It’s free. This could also be the first step you take towards being debt free. Now isn’t that a great New Year’s resolution?

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