Rules to Live By Circa 1811

thomas jefferson rules to live byThomas Jefferson was more than just our third president. He was a scientist, philosopher, inventor, gardener, reader and wine lover. He was also a very wise man. As the story goes, when his granddaughter, Cornelia, was 12 years old, Jefferson decided she needed a few rules to live by. He sat down and wrote out 11 rules of conduct that he thought would benefit her. These 11 rules are as true today as they were 200 years ago. Here they are:

Never put off tomorrow what you can do today

Never trouble another for what you can do yourself

Never spend money before you have it

Never buy anything that you do not want because it is cheap

Pride costs us more than thirst, hunger and cold

We seldom repent from having eaten too little

Nothing is troublesome that one does of his own volition

Delay is preferable to error.

Take things always by their smooth handle

Think as you please, and let others as well, to prevent any disputes

When annoyed, count to ten before you speak; if very annoyed, count to 100

Even though Jefferson was a relatively wealthy man, but he was a frugal man as is evidenced by more than one of his rules.

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