Back To School Bargain Hunting

back to schoolThe kids are going back to school. They need clothes and school supplies. If you’re hunting for bargains, you might want to check in at your local Goodwill store. And if you haven’t been to a Goodwill store lately, you could be in for a surprise.

You might associate Goodwill with the quality of stuff you probably dumped off at their collection trailer. If it was barely usable and you were just looking for someplace to get rid of it without putting it in the garbage, you dropped it off at Goodwill.  Alert! It may have ended up in the dump anyway.

Goodwill has done an about face with the quality of merchandise you now find in their stores. Many items are new, never been used. Others, although second hand, still have a long life ahead of them and look new. Best of all, if you dig deep enough, you might just end up with a designer label or two.

A word of warning. Sometimes the bargains are so good, it’s hard to say no. You could easily end up overspending your budget. Shopping at Goodwill could become addictive.The inventory turns over rapidly, so every trip is a new adventure.

Think of “recycling” instead of “used.”

Back to school doesn’t have to break the bank. Most communities anymore¬† have at least one, if not more, resale shop. These are also great places to land bargains. Getting the idea of “used” out of your head and thinking instead of “recycling” is a good way to defend purchases from resale shops or Goodwill. Indeed, when you think of how short a period of time most kids wear their clothes before they outgrow them, recycling makes even more sense. Recycling last years school clothes by consigning them at a resale shop may be a way to further reduce the cost of kids school clothes.

More places to look for back-to-school bargains.

Now is the time to head over to your local dollar store as well for all of those school supplies needed every year — pencils, crayons, notebooks, etc. You almost feel like you’re stealing when you walk out of a dollar store loaded down with all sorts of good things that cost less than $10.

If you’re an avid online shopper, Amazon is ready with great deals for every school age group and teachers as well. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for at a price you want to pay, surf on over to Walmart for more bargains. Both Amazon and Walmart offer free shipping on orders totaling $35 or more. In addition, Walmart offers a further discount if you pick up your orders in store, so if you have a Walmart near you, it may be worth your while to order online and pick up at the store. Of course if you’re an Amazon Prime customer, most deliveries are free.

Don’t forget the discount stores like TJ Max, Ross Dress for Less and Marshall’s. They all have departments for all ages with prices that are sometimes hard to beat.


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